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Towards a Pro-People Economy and Trade Agenda Research Conference 2021

The world economy has been living off stimulus package long since the global financial crisis in 2008.  Since then, the people of the world have been experiencing a worsening crisis due to joblessness, high prices, and continuing land grabs. Even economic giants such as the US, China, and Russia are ticking time bombs of recession […]

APRN Newsletter – 3rd Quarter 2020

Inside stories: 75 years after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings: Stand for peace amidst covert nuclear stockpiling How dams affected IP communities in Myanmar and the Philippines? A&E Reflections by Aaliyah Hasna In defense of investments: US hegemony in Asia Pacific

Defend people’s rights! Stand vs. drift toward authoritarianism in Asia Pacific

The global pandemic has caused a meltdown of the world’s economies. Millions of businesses, most of them small and medium enterprises (SMEs), were forced to close down and billions of workers were left unemployed. Many of them remain deprived of economic amelioration from their governments. Worse than these economic disruptions, however, the militarist approach has […]


Trade & Investment Policies During a Pandemic: What does it mean for the Asia Pacific?

The world has been experiencing the far-reaching impacts of decade-long neoliberal globalization. The liberalization of trade and investments allowed the proliferation and foreign corporate take-over of natural resources both in labor and environment. The privatization of public resources such as education, health, and basic social services has worsened the living condition of the people. Thus, […]


APRCEM Peoples’ Forum: Solidarity and system change are the only antidotes to Covid-19

Entering the year, the world is faced with many challenges: from the global pandemic of COVID-19; the impending economic recession; and the worsening human rights situation in many countries. Bearing the brunt of these are marginalized sectors across the world — from farmers, workers, indigenous peoples, among others — who continue to struggle for their […]


Global Day of Action vs RCEP

The negotiation for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement is nearing 9th year since its formation. It is the longest negotiated and largest yet mega-trade deal that will cover the two-thirds of the worlds labor population. It compromises of 6 negotiating countries such as China, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and, Japan with […]


APF/ACSC 2020 Opening Statement

Stepping into the new decade, the world is confronted with a multitude of crises. COVID-19 has continuously exposed and exacerbated existing societal ills across the world: from the overall poor public health systems that are ill-equipped to contain health crises; the failure of the prevailing neoliberal economic framework in providing to those who most need […]

Launching of International Peoples’ Research Network

We are inviting everyone to join the global launching of the International Peoples’ Research Network (IPRN) on Thursday, 22 October 2020, [7:00 La Paz/13:00 Brussels/19:00 Manila]. To participate in the event, please click here: bit.ly/IPRNlaunching For your guide to your local timezone: https://bit.ly/2SFRYyg In line with this, an online discussion entitled “Towards Transformative Approaches to […]

APRN Newsletter – 2nd Quarter 2020

Inside stories: The UN Human Rights Council must act to stop the attacks on indigenous peoples, human rights defenders, and our communities Implication of Draft EIA Notification, 2020 in Manipur Decades of action: CSOs and people’s movement clamor for Development Justice to achieve Agenda 2030 in the era of Covid-19 The global mining industry and […]