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Foro Internacional Democracia y Cooperacion | http://www.democraciaycooperacion.net/

• The city of Badajoz in Extremadura (Spain) will host on the 17th and 18th of November the sixth edition of the International Forum Democracy and Cooperation (FIDC, by its initials in Spanish), under the slogan “New paradigms for Development and International Cooperation: Sigths from the South”.

• The Documentation & Communication Sciences Faculty of the University of Extremadura (Uex) will be the scene of this space of dialogue and action proposals with the presence of speakers from countries such as Senegal, Tunisia, Philippines, Pakistan, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

The central axis of the VI FIDC will be the debate around the need to keep rethinking about the content and objective significance of terms like democracy, development, cooperation and human rights – or those other operational and instrumental as Advocacy; Decentralization; Citizen participation – that allows, to recover an own speech to build a new common framework for reality critical analysis; and also to approach to the creation of new paradigms for real and effective cooperation. Review and/or political updating of references as the ’ relations North/South ’ is also located in this framework.

The official opening ceremony will be held on the 17th November at 9 am. And it will be integrated by a table of institutional representatives composed by Taoufik Ben Abdallah of the organisation Environnement et Développement du Tiers Monde (ENDA-TM); Agustín Vivas, Dean of the Documentation and Communication Sciences Faculty, Segundo Piris Duran, Rector of the University of Extremadura (UEX); Francisco Javier Fragoso, Mayor of Badajoz and José Antonio Monago, President of the regional Government of Extremadura. Welcome and moderation of the table will be headed by Juan Carmelo García, IEPALA´s President, in his condition as Executive Secretary of the International Forum Democracy and Cooperation (FIDC).

Afterwards, the program of analysis and debate will start with the framework paper about “Democracies, democratization, human rights and development” presented by Antonio Tuján, economist with an extensive international experience and representative of IBON international, organization dedicated to provide capacity development interventions promoting alternative systems, social structures, economic programs and development paradigms to peoples’ movements and civil society organizations that work with them, in the Asian continent.

More than 20 professionals are part of the wide range of speakers that will participate in the round tables and thematic symposia scheduled. The professor Babacar Diop, the sociologist Hassania Chalbi-Drissi, the communications specialist Dulce Garcia, the gender specialists Imelda Arana Sáenz y Joan T. Salvador will be some of the actors of the VI FIDC, which during two days will take part in the debate and the exchange of methodologies and experiences through multiple spaces for reflection and action composed of different thematic symposia about:

• Democratization, Civil Society and Social Movements

• Democratization and Gender

The detailed VI FIDC programme is available on the oficial Forum web page Democracy and Cooperation that is being daily updated

To attend the Forum the registration can be formalized via the web

Place: Facultad de Ciencias de la Documentación y la Comunicación de la Universidad de Extremadura (Unex)

Address: Plazuela Ibn Marwan – Badajoz Dates: 17 and 18th November