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Cross-regional mega-FTAs are now being preferred over bilateral and plurilateral trade agreements as imperialist powers compete for cheap labor, sources of raw materials, and markets. Workers of the South are set to bear much of the brunt of this shift, as new sets of trade rules would further permit monopoly capitalists to dictate the cheapest value of labor and other production facilities, and disregard decent standards, to accumulate bigger profit.

Download EILER’s briefer “Mega-FTAs and its implications on Asian Workers” written by Rochel Porras and Otto de Vries to read more on the potential impacts of RCEP and other mega-FTAs on the region’s labor sector. Get a copy here.

The ASEAN Economic Community along with the other pillars of the ASEAN Community (Political Security and Socio- Cultural), is expected to be launched in December 2015. With its collective economic growth and resources, analysts say ASEAN will become the engine of growth in Asia, especially, the economic integration that investors and corporations are anticipating in the hopes of exploiting the opportunities to expand and/or consolidate their business operations in the region.

But on the other side of the fence, civil society organizations and social movements are rising up to expose and oppose the imminent dangers that that the AEC and the other pillars of the ASEAN Community could bring. In its latest infographic, the Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) tells us who will truly benefit from the integration and what consequences would this integration bring to the people of the ASEAN region.

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